AdTribe Recognized as one of the Game Changing Social Media Marketing Companies in Canada by Clutch

Dmitry Fesenko
18 October, 2023

Today, we’ve seen a huge influx of users on different social media platforms. Users are estimated to be at millions and millions across different platforms. That’s why businesses are now flocking to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to promote their brands. Partnering with a professional social media marketing company helps in improving your chances of winning online. Partner with our AdTribe team today! 


The typical agency business model is centered on persuading businesses to boost their advertising budgets in order to increase agency fees. Instead, we at AdTribe take the extra time to fully comprehend our customers' financial situations and determine the degree of profitability necessary for long-term expansion.


Based on this information, we offer you a reasonable price to ensure that, regardless of how much we spend on advertising, your business is profitable every month. This dedication to our craft and to helping our clients has recently helped us achieve a great accolade from Clutch! They recently named us as one of the game-changing Social Media Marketing Companies in Canada.


Clutch, if you don’t know, is an established platform in the heart of Washington, DC, committed to helping small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses identify and connect with the service providers they need to achieve their goals.


To truly commemorate this amazing milestone, we decided to share with all of you the best reviews you can find on our Clutch profile, here are some of our picks:


“They know what they do and are very professional about it. The weekly reporting is impeccable & offers a plethora of helpful insights. The team at AdTribe quickly understood our brand values and helped us immensely in positioning us in the marketplace without trying to force approaches on us, which may have worked for other clients but don't align with our communication style or values.” Executive, Fashion Brand


“I love how much they have grown and developed over the years we've worked together. They always stay on top of new developments and they have expanded their services across different platforms. We started to also run search ads, YouTube ads, and Pinterest ads and will start tiktok soon too. 


They perform in any field. They always set realistic expectations and they are always very transparent. Plus they are actually quite affordable.” Evelyn Weiss, CEO of Coach Growth Company

Looking to team up with our company? To get the ball rolling, we’ll first need a little more info about your business and goals! Drop us a line today.

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