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We are an independent international creative agency that is helping brands to maximise their Facebook efforts. Our drive is that we believe you can do better: smarter communication, more customized strategy, more focus on goal-based outcomes, more additional values.

We monitor and optimize campaigns, and scale them to capitalise on Facebook’s real potential.

Our team brings a fast-paced approach to managing Facebook ad campaigns while focusing on ROI. We take a deep dive into your marketing, dissect your customers, understand your revenue goals.

We innovate, solve complex problems and deliver real impact. We stay on top of all the latest Facebook changes, so you can be ahead of your competitors.

We can help you, when Your business is ready to explode to the next level;
You know how important is Facebook but you can’t get the best of the platform.

Having engaged over 2 billion active users, Facebook & Instagram is where your customers are. And your future customers are already on there!
we do
When we start working with your account, we check your conversion tracking and make sure that we can find a way to see progress right from the start. Whether you're tracking registrations to your course or you're wanting to sell more gun replicas, you can trust us to take your KPIs seriously.

We are purposefully small. That’s why you won’t be one of the dozens of accounts managed by a novice. Consider our team your team.

We specialize in targeting the right people. To do that, we dive deep into the market. We research various channels to find a ready-to-convert audience.

We are aware that you likely have a million things to do on your task list... and that's just for next hours. That’s why we want to give you a hand by actively managing accounts on our end. We can limit your involvement to the strategic conversations.

We fully understand you can't just spend unlimited budget and you need to leverage every dollar invested and get profitability and business growth. Here is why we create custom reports for your needs. These are based on the key performance indicators you are most interested in.

We highly value older accounts. When we add on new clients, we put the same attention to those who have been with us for a while. We’re still thrilled with long-standing partnerships when we can grow an account from a scratch.
who we
work with
We are striving to work with clients who are building sustainable brands.

We extremely appreciate when our clients manage highly engaging pages on social media and create blog posts that bring tons of feedback from the community. Thus, we both will gain powerful synergy to drive more sales along with maintaining an army of loyal customers.

We love helping out!
  • E-commerce companies that are ready to scale their operations, both online and offline.
  • SAAS & software companies that are ready to face stern competition.
  • Local businesses that are planning to grow their reputation.
  • Info businesses with clearly defined fanbases.
our team
Meet our team that is ready to produce top results for you.
Dmitry Fesenko
Andrii Shmalii
Senior Facebook ads specialist
Eugene Fedchenkov
Facebook ads specialist
Olha Orlova
Facebook ads specialist
Serhii Kotvytskyi
Facebook ads specialist
Natalia Zarechenskaya
Facebook ads specialist
Denis Spassky
Facebook ads specialist
Anna Vityuk
Director of Sales and Marketing
Yevheniia Buhaienko
SMM specialist

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