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Our story

AdTribe was founded by Dmitry (CEO), who began by managing Facebook ad campaigns for 11 clients single-handedly. By the end of 2019, the team had expanded to 6 full-time members, managing 34 ad accounts.
Managed in ad spend
Revenue generated for our clients
AdTribe upgraded to a modern, spacious office and continued to grow, reaching 10 full-time team members. We expanded our client base to include 50+ eCommerce brands.
Managed in ad spend
Revenue generated for our clients
In the midst of a challenging year for eCommerce due to the iOS 14 release, AdTribe adapted and added Google, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat to our advertising services. The team grew to 16 full-time members.
Managed in ad spend
Revenue generated for our clients
Despite the hardships faced by AdTribe and the people of Ukraine due to the war, we remained resilient and adapted to new circumstances, ensuring the satisfaction of all our clients.
Managed in ad spend
Revenue generated for our clients
AdTribe is working towards serving over 100 ongoing clients, providing excellent advertising services and helping our partners succeed.

Our Values

  • 1 A Growth Mindset
  • 2 Sense of Ownership
  • 3 Ultimate Transparency
  • 4 Reliability
A Growth Mindset
At AdTribe, we demand everything and everyone be centered around GROWTH: as Facebook makes daily changes to the platform, we must grow and adapt
Sense of Ownership
Any time a team member at AdTribe makes an innocent mistake, they are taught to follow our O.L.C mantra, which is to Own it, Learn from it, and most importantly, Correct it
Ultimate Transparency
If one team member fails, we all fail; so we have made it our mission to have our core company culture be as truthful and harmonious as possible
No business owner likes to roll the dice with their profits unless perhaps they own a fancy casino. At AdTribe, our #1 mission is for all clients to be able to rest easy knowing we will deliver in the end

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16 2 The best creative of the week👇🏻

Our work for @unimaginablefoods 🌱

Why it works:
📍 Starts with social proof
📍 Mix of dynamic & colorful photos and graphic elements
📍 Highlights product benefits
📍 Shows product uniqueness

More creatives every Friday in our feed. Don’t miss it!

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14 5 How to grow revenue from $14k to $49k in a few months! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Product niche:
Apparel and accessories

• Before our collaboration, the brand ran only seasonal campaigns. We started from scratch to get stable ROAS 2.5+ within a few months by leveraging sales of the regular collection as well as pushing limited collection drops. We also increased our ad spend and get more predictable profit.
• Increased LTV by implementing re-engagement campaigns of existing customers
• Defined best-selling category of products and drove sales by offering more items in this category
• Leveraged social proof under the ad posts
• All this leads to an increase in revenue from $14,333.1 to $49,647.76.

Wanna have the same growth? Schedule a call with our team at adtribe.com 📈
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10 0 If you are managing multiple social media accounts you might consider using some of these tools to level up your SMM game👇

📌 Buffer - easy to use google chrome extension that helps you publish content to multiple channels at once. Free plans available

📌Sprout Social - if you need something more sophisticated this social media management platform can do it all, from scheduling and publishing content to advanced tools like social listening.

📌 Social Status - in-depth social analytics tool that goes beyond the tracking of your own profiles. It can track competitors, influencers, and connect ad accounts.

What tools do you use for SMM? Tell us in the comments section! 👀

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Who We Work With:

  • Clients who sell products that people like (we read all the product reviews before taking anyone onboard)
  • Clients who know financial numbers of their business and have realistic expectations for return on our services
  • Clients who are ready to scale their eCommerce business with Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Clients who deeply care about their customers and answer all of their questions
  • Clients who don\'t rely only on paid ads but actually invest in creating better content, working with influencers, having email campaigns in place, etc
  • Clients who have a long-term view of their business whom we can partner with for years to come
  • Clients who understand important marketing metrics like LTV, AOV, ROAS, CTR, etc
  • Customers who we truly like being with😊

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