How we increased revenue for e-commerce clothing brand by 829% within 4 months with Facebook ads

Client started her journey selling customized t-shirts on Etsy. But when the market became too competitive Clarice decided to build her own online store. This is how Perfshirts was born.
Most of the T-shirts Clarice is selling are inspired by cartoons like “Frozen”, “Cinderella”, “The Little Mermaid”, "Sleeping Beauty”, etc. And customers absolutely love them.
Perfshirts came to AdTribe after managing their campaigns internally and looking to grow and scale the business. She had a great product, but she couldn't make a profit from it. At that time, her store was making in average 5k in sales per month and ROAS was around 1.4 which is far from being profitable. The initial client's goal was to reach at least ROAS 2.0 and scale from there.
How We Did It
  • Multi-level campaigns strategy
  • Dynamic product ads
  • CBO (campaigns budget optimization)
We reached the initial client’s goal within the first month and closed January with ROAS 2.4 and made over 22k in sales only from Facebook ads. From that point, we started to scale keeping the same level of ROAS.
Before (Sep 2, 2019–Dec 31, 2019)
Purchases 497
Cost per Purchase $25.26
Purchase Conversion Value $21,769.35
ROAS 1.73
Amount Spent $12,551.93
After (Jan 1, 2020 - Apr 30, 2020)
Purchases 4 953
Cost per Purchase $13.03
Purchase Conversion Value $202,296.97
ROAS 3.13
Amount Spent $64,530.12
897% Increase in
Number of Purchases
48% Decrease in
Cost per Purchase
829% Increase in Purchase
conversion value
81% Increase in Purchase ROAS
(Return on ad spend)

a few words...

I’ve been working with Dmitry and his team for 3 months now. I’m impressed by their skills and work ethic. Since starting my business it was always a challenge to bring sales at profit. I was losing money month after month. I just want to say thank you for your hard work and for making my life much more peaceful.
Clarice Johnson, CEO/Founder
Here is the review from another happy customer:
“These are the cutest! The material is soft. They're thin, which to me is perfect for summer! They're perfect. I look forward to making my next purchase!”

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