How we scaled e-commerce clothing brand from 10k in revenue per month to 200k in three months with Facebook ads

Harriet's Online was created by the owner Harriet. It all started with one idea. She wanted a Good and Comfortable waist trainer after giving birth to her twins and just could not find one in the market. She decided to do something about it and our first product was brought to the market place. The 20+ Steel Boned waist trainer aims to correct all the flaws of the other waist trainers in the market. Her goal is to empower every woman and make them feel confident while wearing a comfortable and yet efficient waist trainer.
The client had a bad experience working with agencies before. She had a great product and audience on Instagram but she couldn't make a profit from it. At that time her store was making 10k in sales per month. The client's goal was to get to the 50k mark by the end of 2020 while keeping a profitable level of ROAS 2.5.
How We Did It
  • Multi-level campaigns strategy
  • Dynamic product ads
  • CBO (campaigns budget optimization)
  • UGC (user-generated content)
Since working together, and looking at results at month over month we were able to hit a 1-year milestone within 2 months. Currently, we make over 6k in sales every day. And we are not planning to slow down, on the contrary, we keep increasing the budget every day keeping the same level of ROAS.
Before (Nov 3, 2019–Jan 31, 2020)
Purchases 210
Cost per Purchase $23.96
Purchase Conversion Value $12,244.01
ROAS 2.43
Amount Spent $5,032.28
After (Feb 1, 2020 - Apr 30, 2020)
Purchases 3 658
Cost per Purchase $16.40
Purchase Conversion Value $221,824.32
ROAS 3.70
Amount Spent $59,979.95
1,641% Increase in
Number of Purchases
32% Decrease in
Cost per Purchase
1,711% Increase in Purchase
conversion value
52% Increase in Purchase ROAS
(Return on ad spend)

a few words...

When I started working with AdTribe, my store was doing 10k in revenue a month and my initial goal was to get to 50k a month by the end of the year. Guess what? We achieved this milestone within 2 months. I'm so thankful that I went with them. So if you're thinking about looking for someone that could grow your business, give you more revenue, give you peace of mind so you can sleep well at night Dmitry and his team are the right choice. Now I don't even worry about selling my product.
My worry now is making sure that I am able to fulfill all the orders in time.
Chisom Harriet, CEO

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